What I Do

I specialize in physical transformation. As a survivor of obesity, and a 12 level spinal fusion surgery performed in 1998, what I do specifically caters to students with these 2 focuses:

  • Fat Loss:  My primary focus and mission in life, is to coach, encourage, and transform people who struggle with excess body fat.  I am a leading expert on food addiction, emotional eating, dieting tactics, fat loss strategies, and specific strength training for losing weight.
  • Strength Acquisition:  Strength is the productive application of force.  Strength, the most general of all measurable fitness qualities is the most basic, and valuable of all traits that can be acquired through training.  Strength is the most important because most of the other fitness qualities, such as muscular endurance, are dependent on your body’s ability to produce force!  However, specific endurance training hinders strength development.  I am highly experienced in developing strength with the use of barbells, kettlebells, body-weight calisthenics, and assistance exercises.  To learn more about why strength is so important, check out Mark Rippetoe and his Starting Strength program.

It’s always been my relentless mission for people to achieve a lean body composition no matter what it takes, and to develop capable, functioning humans.  You must be good before you’re fancy, and while flexibility and endurance training are important, range of motion exercises and other corrective movement strategies are generally reserved for individuals who display movement dysfunctions.  Even though most of us have a certain level of skeletal dysfunction and muscular compensation issues, most people need to aggressively pursue strength training as strength is the most useful skill for moving athletically, keeping young, and minimizing injury.